Simple Yet Decadent Almond Joy Brownies - Gluten & Dairy Free

This recipe all started with a craving for an almond joy. Not just any almond joy though, it had to be a big, fudgy, decadent almond joy brownie. One that would taste so good that it would take an intervention to keep you from eating more than one.

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Disclosure: I have included some affiliate links to Vitacost for some of the ingredients for this recipe. Vitacost is my go-to place to buy healthy ingredients for tasty treats like this.

I don't always cave into cravings, but it has actually been a while since I've made and/or eaten something this downright delicious, so yes, I caved to this craving.

And I'm so glad I did. 

I'll Get To the Chocolate, But First The 3 Ingredient Mystery Frosting

OK. I will readily admit that the chocolate brownie part of this recipe is 90% of what makes this recipe awesome, but when you see how easy this coconut frosting is AND what oddball ingredient is in it, you'll see why I wanted to talk about this first.

Coconut Frosting in a yellow bowl

A Sweet Potato Does The Trick

Yes, you read that right. A sweet potato.

A few months back I had seen and later tried, making a chocolate sweet potato icing (using a regular orange-colored sweet potato). It was super easy to make and tasted amazing. So when it came time to come up with a frosting for these Almond Joy Brownies, I thought I'd give using a white sweet potato a try.

Coconut Frosting in a yellow bowl

I didn't want to make this frosting overpoweringly sweet, so I kept the ingredients simple.

By just using cooked and mashed white sweet potato, some almond milk, and some shredded coconut, I was able to put together just mixture of ingredients to make the perfect coconutty topping for these Almond Joy Brownies.

*Don't know where to find a white sweet potato? Ask someone in the produce section in your local grocery store. You may be surprised how easily you may find them. 

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And The Brownies Are Just As Easy

Now onto the brownies.

I've tried my hand at making homemade brownies many a time and it's worked out pretty well. They are usually pretty tasty, fudgey (just like I like them), and all around packed with chocolate. Yet, I have found more times than not that I don't always have the time to make a batch by scratch.

So, that's where Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Brownies come to save the day.


I always have a few bags that I keep in my pantry for those last minute dessert needs... or when I'm just not feeling like making homemade. Which, if I'm being honest, is quite often these days, because Bob's Red Mill brownies are so good.

With just a few adjustments, like applesauce instead of oil and sometimes flax-eggs instead of regular eggs, the brownies are always a sure thing.

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Be Prepared

I can't end this post without including a little warning.

These brownies are decadently delicious. One is pretty filling, but you may be tempted to indulge in more than one. And although they are made with really good ingredients, try to pace yourself... they are that good.

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