Homemade Trail Mix, Healthy Pets,Natural Beauty and More the Vitacost Way

What do Homemade Trail Mix, Healthy Pets, Natural Beauty, and other great healthy living products have in common? They can all be found on Vitacost, my all time FAVORITE place to shop online.
All the ingredients for this tasty treat and so many other great products can be ordered straight from Vitacost and shipped straight to your door! How awesome is that?

[caption id="attachment_19974" align="aligncenter" width="735"]lots of Vitacost products on a table with Birthday decorations Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Vitacost. Affiliate links could also be included. All opinions and thoughts are mine.[/caption]

For this blog post, I'm partnering with Vitacost to help them celebrate their 25th year in business! And as part of the celebration, I'll be linking to not only the ingredients for this delicious trail mix but also to some of my FAVORITE things I purchase from Vitacost.

First... Let's Make Some Homemade Trail Mix

Trail mix for me is like potato chips. I can just eat a little bit.

I mean really. What is about the sweet and salty tastes of nuts and healthy chocolates that keep us munching on this stuff non-stop?

homemade trail mix in a small glass jar

Trail mix is my go-to snack for traveling that's for sure. I love to make up a large batch and place it in small baggies for either road-trips or long flights.

It's a great way to have healthy and tasty snacks on hand instead of being at the mercy of airlines or gas stations.
It also saves you a TON of money too.

Mix Up Your Own Flavors

The best thing about making Homemade Trail Mix is being able to choose what you put in there.

Not a raisin fan, then throw in some dried cranberries instead.

ingredients for trail mix on a silver platter

Prefer cashews over walnuts, that works too.

It's all up to you how you mix things up.

Feel free to use the ingredients I've put together or mix and match what you like. Ratios too.

[tasty-recipe id="19979"]

Now On to The Vitacost Celebration

If you have been following me for any length of time, you may already know how much I LOVE Vitacost.

Yes, I work with them as a VitacostVip (blog ambassador), but even before I started doing that, I was a faithful monthly Vitacost shopper.

healthy beauty products from Vitacost

For me, there is no other site like Vitacost. They always seem to have exactly what I'm looking for and at great prices.

From beauty products to healthy snacks, to dog supplements, Vitacost always has me covered.

Some of My Favorites

Let's start with the food...

Baking Products from Vitacost on a black tables

5 Favorite Food Items 

Peanut Butter - Yup, I'm kicking it off with Peanut Butter. I don't know what it is about the Vitacost brand Unsalted Peanut Butter, but I can eat that stuff by the spoonful. Give me a Lunderberg Rice Cake, some peanut butter, and a few vegan chocolate chips and I'm set for an afternoon snack.
Baking Mixes - I love to make things from scratch, but sometimes I just don't have time to, so I LOVE being able to have handy baking mixes like the Bob's Red Mill on hand.
Quinoa Chips -My husband and I aren't big chip eaters, but every once and awhile we like to shake things up snack wise. Simply 7 Quinoa Chips are perfect for those salty chip craving times.
Baking Spices and Flours - We only use gluten-free products in my home and locally those products are expensive. So, not only is it convenient to be able to buy them on Vitacost, but it's also a lot cheaper.
Trail Mix Ingredients - You knew this was coming right? For all the makings of my trail mix see recipe above.

different products from Vitacost on a table with Birthday decorations

5 Favorite Healthy Living Products

Bath Products - Taking care of your skin is just as important as watching what you eat, that's why I have been slowly transitioning our health products to ones that aren't made with harmful ingredients.  Thankfully I can find products like Dessert Essence and Giovanni that line up with what we are looking for.
Supplements - Wow, SO many great supplements. I could list a BUNCH, but since we are all created differently and have different needs, I basically say that my favorite brand of supplements are Vitacost, Garden of Life, New Chapter, and Now. All of these products are made with high-quality ingredients and don't have any fillers.
Pet Health - our pets need good, healthy products too. We have a senior dog, so I love being able to give him daily chewable glucosamine tablets. These have made a huge difference with his joints and helps him get around better.
Clean Home - OK. I've tried the homemade laundry detergent and cleaners before. Yes, they work, but I just don't have the patience to mix them up all the time, so that's why being able to order affordable, good home products like BioKleen laundry detergent and Vitacost's Clean line of cleaners comes in very handy.
Sports and Fitness - I guess these could have gone into the food line, but I wanted to separate them. Vitacost is where I find products like Plant-Based Protein powders and pre-workout supplements, both of which make working out/exercising so much better.

me at a table full of Vitacost products

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Homemade Trail Mix in glass jars



  1. Love Vitacost!!
    I would order the Sambucus Elderberry syrup and gummies!!😀

  2. I would buy the Barney butter almond butter!! 😋 I just started making my own trail mix too! With cashews and craisins and mini chocolate chips!

  3. Oh that’s hard but I’d definitely love to try some Mad Hippie products and maybe some snacks for my kids! I’ve never ordered food from them. I’ve only ordered beauty products or supplements. Love Vitacost and excited for this giveaway!

  4. I’m following Vitacost!

  5. Yum! I would order the brownie mix and some organic walnuts. I love walnuts in my brownies! I've never shopped at Vitacost, but super interested in what they sell.

  6. I’ve actually never tried Vitacoat yet! I need to get on board with that ASAP! I would def love to get some beauty products made with better ingredients!

    Following Vitacost on Instagram too!

  7. My Vitacost purchase would be Theraneem Naturals Neem Leaf and Aloe Gel. I love that gel!

  8. I would definitely be interested in trying beauty products.

  9. Love Vitacost! I have a few things in my cart now waiting to be ordered. One of these items is a dairy free protein powder that I use when making the almost daily smoothies my son, husband and I all drink! I think I may need to add the ingredients for this trail mix too!

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  13. I'd love to try the quinoa curls!

  14. There are so many awesome vegan snacks I'd love to order.

  15. Thank you for sharing homemade trail mix.


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