When God's Adventures Are Different Than Yours

So I did something…

A few days ago I took a HUGE step of faith and followed God’s leading onto a path I never saw coming.

women walking on path towards God's adventures

It started with a small whisper in my spirit. One that I quickly pretended not to hear.

Then it became a soft voice. One that I heard, but went on my own way.

And then it became a loud calling, one that I could no longer ignore.

God's Adventures are TOTALLY Different Than Mine

You see, a few months ago I told God I was ready for adventure.

I told Him I felt dull in my spirit and longed to do something new and exciting.

I told Him I would be open to whatever He showed me, but in the back of my mind, I had my own ideas of what those adventures should be.

looking at the delicate arch in moab


He, on the other hand, had a TOTALLY different picture then I did.

That’s what I LOVE about Him though… He keeps me on my toes and my life is never boring.

So, after finally letting go of what I had pictured for my new adventures, I wholeheartedly surrendered my ideas to His.

Revelation Wellness Training... Here I Come!

On Thursday, February 21st my new adventure begins…

I will be starting my online classes to become a certified Revelation Wellness instructor!

revelation wellness platoon 22 photo

I’ll be learning how to use fitness as a tool to help others learn how to love God, get healthy, be whole and love others.

It’s something I NEVER saw myself doing.

Yet, as God reveals the more and more of why He gave me this passion for sharing health and wellness with others, I’m finding more and more courage to trust Him, to follow Him, and to honor Him through it all.


How about you?

What new adventure are you heading towards today?

Leave me a comment and let me know…

And as always… THANK YOU.. for following along on this crazy adventure of life with me! You all are amazing!




  1. Hi Mikki!
    The story you just shared really touched my heart as I have been going through a similar situation. I am a happy homemaker, licensed massage therapist who work works out of her home. For a couple months now my brother in law has needed someone to work in his office. Finally I said yes Lord and have worked it out to work in his office and he is flexible so I can still be home for my clients. I start this new venture on Monday. The best part is my brother in law is hoping I will have opportunities to share my faith with his staff!
    Thank you again for sharing your story, it’s just what I needed today!

    God Bless,

  2. Mikki,

    I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks so much Kim. I'm a little scared and nervous at that same time. But excited to see how it will all pan out.


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