Delicious Apple Pie Pancake Bars

Warm apple dishes always seem to whisper "its Fall" to me. Here in Central Florida our ‘Fall’ still feels like summer, but when I make recipes like these delicious Apple Pie Pancake Bars, our 90° heat doesn’t feel so bad.

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Fall spices, warm apples, and all the great flavorings of pancakes wrapped into one dish. What could be better than that first thing in the morning? Just drizzle on a little maple syrup and you’ve got the makings of a perfect Fall breakfast treat.

No Colorful Leaves Here

Yes, Fall here in Florida is a little different than our northern counterparts. We don’t necessarily get all beautiful fall colors of leaves changing, but when that nice, cool weather does eventually sneak in and lasts through Christmas, well, that’s when we don’t mind not seeing the fall colors so much.

stacked apple pie pancake bars on parchment paper

And one way I make up for not getting all Fall-ish feelings around is to start making some good ole fashioned comfort food in the kitchen.

a hand holding an apple pie pancake bar

Apple cakes, Pumpkin rolls, and even a homemade Pumpkin Creamer start appearing in my kitchen.

I mean, just because it’s 90° outside, doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a delicious Pumpkin Pie donut with my Pumpkin flavored coffee every now and then.  The air-conditioning does get a little chilly ya’ know.

Fall-ish Flavors & One Pot Easiness

Since it is still a little warm here in the Fall, easy dishes are my go to. The less time I have to have the oven going, the better.

overshot view of apple pie pancake bars in pan

Just the other day, I wanted to make some apple pie flavored pancakes, but didn’t want to have to stand over a hot burner flipping pancakes. So, I thought I would try just pouring all the goodness in one pan… and it worked!


These pancake bars are a nice little treat in the morning. The kids can have dunking them in their maples syrup and mom can enjoy them with her morning, or afternoon, coffee.

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apple pie pancake bars stacked on parchment paper




  1. wow these look crazy good! I love all of the flavors in these

  2. I love this! It's like an apple pie on the go! Genius

  3. These sound so amazing! I LOVE baking with apples, can't wait to try these!!

  4. Thanks Angela. They are so easy to make! Hope you get the chance to try them.

  5. Yes you must! LOL! Thanks Nicole. Let me know if you try them out!

  6. Why thank you Abbey. I do try! LOL!

  7. Thanks Deborah. They are so good!

  8. Apple cakes, Pumpkin rolls, and Many other desserts like chocolate pudding, cake muffins, etc I too love to munch on with a cup of coffee. You are right there could not be anything better than warm apples, and all the other aroma flavorings of pancakes wrapped into one dish. I tried Martabak Manis in Singapore and it was the yummiest one I ever ate anywhere, they use Indonesian ingredients to create authentic recipes. I was looking for Indonesian ingredients to make pancakes. The information you shared here about the ingredients and where they will be available will be very helpful. Thanks for sharing an interesting post.


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