Fresh & Easy Carrot Ribbon Salad

When planning meals to make for the family, sometimes the hardest recipe to come up with is a nice side dish. One that isn't too heavy or overpowering in taste. Just something simple that goes well with your main dish and will hopefully be liked by all. Regular lettuce based salads are nice, but sometimes I like to shake things up by making a totally different side dish like this Carrot Ribbon Salad.

Carrot Ribbon Salad on a white plate

Made with a light lemon honey dressing that I put together, this carrot salad works perfectly with just about any meal. It also makes a nice, refreshing snack in the afternoon.

Truly Easy To Make

When I say this recipe is easy to make, I truly mean it is extremely easy to make. The toughest part of making this salad is probably chopping the onions, and scrubbing and peeling that carrots. That's it.

All the other preparations are mixing some basic ingredients for the dressing and cooking up some peas. Simple right?

chopped spring onions on a cutting board

No excuses on not knowing how to cook allowed on this one. Nope. This is one recipe that just about anyone can make.

Carrot Ribbon Salad on a white plate

No strange ingredients you have never heard before. Just simple items you can find in any grocery store.

So here ya go..

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How About You?

Do you have a favorite side dish that goes beyond the regular lettuce bad salad?

Leave me a comment and let me know. Better yet, link me to your recipe if you have it saved somewhere!

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Carrot Ribbon Salad


  1. Loving this creative way of eating carrots! This will be a show stopper at any dinner party :)


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