Something Beautifully Different For A Valentine's Day Gift

30 Valentine's Days. I just can't believe it. This year will mark 30, not 10, not 15, but 30 Valentine's Days that my husband and I have spent together. On one hand, that's pretty darn awesome, yet on the other hand, that's 29 years of the same ole gifts. Chocolate, a nice dinner out, you know.. the regular stuff. So this year, since it's the 30th one together, I'm thinking we need to up our game a little when it comes to a special Valentine's Day gift for each other.

[caption id="attachment_18170" align="aligncenter" width="735"]a mans hands holding a Jord wood watch wrapped around a pillow Disclosure: I partnered with Jord Watches on this sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are mine.[/caption]

Nothing too extravagant, but something unique and beautiful. A gift that says "I Love You with all my heart" and backs that up with the thought behind the purchase.

Wood Watches... Now That's Unique

So how do you go about finding a unique Valentine's Day gift after being together 30 years? Well, you get creative.

You start doing a little research. Asking other 'older couples' what they give each other or just start looking around on the internet. It takes a little work, but eventually you'll come across something that makes you say.. That's It!

woman's arm holding her jean jacket with a jord watch

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Another way, which I know doesn't happen to everyone, is to have a fabulously beautiful wood watch company like Jord Wood Watches contact you.

Now I know that's rare, but thankfully it happened to me. Not only because I was desperately looking for something original to give my husband, but it also gives me the opportunity to share their beautiful watches with you!

[caption id="attachment_18172" align="aligncenter" width="600"]dark wood watch on arm Watch Series: Frankie - Sandalwood and Smoke[/caption]

These watches go beyond just telling time.

From the memorable engraving available to the care and sustainability that the company has for the woods that are used, these Jord Watches are the perfect Valentine's Day gift for that special someone in your life.

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 How About You?

Do you have someone special in your life that you have a hard time buying Valentines Day gifts for? Leave me a comment and let me know. Let me know if you have found anything creative or what you think about these wood watches! Would love to hear from you!


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  1. These watches are gorgeous. I think I'll have to treat myself this Valentine's day!

  2. I love all of our JORD watches. My husband has received so many compliments and questions about his watch. It really is a statement piece and people are so intrigued by them.

    That coffee bean bracelet is really chic and stylish. Someone cool must have found that for you! ;)

  3. Ha ha. I know.. that coffee bracelet is one of my all time favorites.

  4. Yes Abbey, I think you do need to treat yourself for sure. :-)

  5. Those watches are beautiful! I've never heard of them but definitely going to check them out. My husband and I actually don't buy gifts for holidays...we just buy stuff for each other throughout the year if we see something special we would like or need.

  6. I do love wood watches. They're so pretty!

  7. Thanks. They really are. I wasn't a big watch fan till this one! Now I can't get enough!

  8. That's kind of what we do too Carrie. One you get past the first few years and don't have kids to raise (and pay for) I think that just happens naturally. LOL.


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