Homemade Lush Latte Massage Bar

When it comes to making homemade gifts in my house, the simpler they are the better. Putting together multi-step, detailed crafts has never been my forte, but I do enjoy putting a personal touch to my gift giving each year. That's why I enjoy making simple gifts like this Lush Latte Massage Bar.

[caption id="attachment_17981" align="aligncenter" width="735"]Lush Latte Massage Bar on a plate with coffee beans and Christmas decorations Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Barlean's. All thoughts and opinions are all mine.[/caption]

Thanks to my December Barlean's Blog Ambassador Challenge, I got an extra push into creating a DIY gift that I could give out this year. Using their organic coconut oil and a few other essential ingredients, these fun, lush massage bars came together perfectly.

If I Can Make Them, So Can You

As I stated at the beginning, making homemade gifts is often not something I am good at. But once I realized how easy these were going to be to make, I went in with full confidence they were going to be awesome.

coconut oil and cocoa butter melting in double boiler

oil mixture poured into molds
cooled massage bar in soap mold

And Awesome they are!


[tasty-recipe id="17983"]


Lush Latte Massage Bar on a plate with coffee beans and Christmas decorations

Who These Would Be Great For

I have the sweetest mail lady. She's spoils me by making sure she actually hands me packages when she delivers them and is always asking me how the family is doing.

We were talking the other day and she mentioned how her hands get so rough and dry handling all the packages. She's also a marathon runner, so I'm thought she would love a massage bar like this for Christmas. A perfect way to soothe her dry hands, but also a great way to get an all over body massage at the same time.

Lush Latte Massage Bar in a green dish with Christmas decorations

I'm sure you can think of quite a few people that would love a massage bar. Whether it's an in-law that may be hard to buy for or co-worker that could use some Christmas cheer, these would make a great gift for them.

Why I Love Working With Barlean's

Even though this post is sponsored as part by Barlean's, I want you to know that I truly do love using their products. I have been a fan of their oils and Omega swirls for quite a few years now, so working them is an added bonus for me.

Not only do they have healthy products that I enjoy incorporating into my diet each day, but they also have a beautiful mission statement for their business.

Pathway To A Better Life (from their website)


In 2013, Barlean’s set out on an epic journey that completely changed our company purpose. We call it paving a "Pathway to a Better Life" - the focus of which revolves around creating prosperity for people in a variety of meaningful ways.  Thus, a significant amount of our corporate profits are now donated to help those less fortunate. As a result, we have come to view our products in a new light. They have become more than nutritional supplements; they are now our primary vehicle for realizing our purpose of paving a Pathway to a Better Life for those most in need throughout the world. 

How About You?

Do you enjoy making homemade gifts? Leave me a comment and let me know what you enjoy making for those you love.


Merry Christmas

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Lust Latte Massage Bar in a green container



  1. While this is meant to be for your body, I am more interested in eating it, hahahahahah!

  2. These look like such fun gifts! Love the combination of coconut oil and coffee beans- I bet these smell AMAZING!

  3. These bars are perfect gift ideas!

  4. What an indulgent gift! Bet it smells delicious, too!

  5. What a fun DIY project to make as gifts! I'd have to keep a couple for myself too.

  6. Thanks they really are. A great way to spoil a friend.

  7. Yes, very indulgent! And they do smell AMAZING!

  8. Yes! They do really smell amazing!

  9. Thanks Jessica. I did snag one for myself. LOL!

  10. I can't wait to try making these! They look awesome!


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