How To Peel Tomatoes Quick & Easy - Video

Every year we start a garden..

And every year I say lots of prayers and cross my fingers that it will be a good year of vegetables for The Not So Perfect Housewife home.

Every year we seem to have one crop that does extremely well. Last fall, it was eggplants. This Spring/Summer.. it seems to be the season of Tomatoes!

I have larger Beefsteak type tomatoes and the smaller Roma style tomatoes growing like crazy. They have grown big, strong stems and almost look like Tomato trees at this point.

They are so big, that during Tropical Storm Colin (which didn't amount to much here), I decided to wrap them in saran wrap so they wouldn't fall over. I wasn't sure if it would actually work, but it did and the tomatoes lived to grow another day.

My first big harvest of tomatoes was the Roma's. I love Roma's. You can roast them for dinner dishes, slice them up for cold salads, or just drizzle some balsamic vinegar on them enjoy them on their own.  But since I had so many, I decided to make some homemade tomato sauce that I could freeze for future recipes.

How To Peel Tomatoes Quick & Easy

Making homemade tomato sauce isn't really that difficult. Yet, getting the tomatoes ready to make the sauce, that takes a little bit of work but can be done quickly and easily if you know what you are doing.

It's been a few years since I've actually done any kind of canning, preserving, or making sauces like this. When we lived in MD (over 12 years ago), I had a huge garden and did a lot of canning and I've really missed it. I didn't realize how much until I spent the other day making this sauce.

Canning and making homemade recipes from the garden brings me back to growing up with my grandmother. She as a PRO at canning and making do with what came out of the garden. So making this sauce brought back some really great memories.

My sauce is simple. Just tomatoes with some garlic, basil, and bay leaves simmered on low for an hour or two. Making it simple like this allows me to be able to use it in other recipes and add spices as needed.

But enough of me rambling on about the sauce.. because I didn't make a video of making the sauce.. I just made a video of getting ready for the sauce.. the peeling of the tomatoes.

Peeling the tomatoes is really easy.

Starting with fresh, washed tomatoes -

  • Cut the tops of the tomato off and discard. Then cut a cross at the bottom of the tomato. This allows the tomato room to expand and break apart for peeling.

  • Place tomatoes, in small batches, into hot water. Leave them in the water for a minute or two, keeping watch for the tomatoes to start to wrinkle.

  • Once the tomatoes start to wrinkle, remove them quickly and place in a pot of cold, icy water. This stops the blanching process.

  • Remove the tomatoes after a few seconds and drain.

  • Peel the tomatoes by gently pulling the skin off. Use a knife for any stubborn skin or bad spots in the tomatoes.

  • Use these tomatoes for any canning or cooking recipe you may have.

Enjoy! And Happy Cooking!


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