How I Save Money Shopping on Vitacost

One of the first things people ask me when they find out that I try to live a healthy, organic lifestyle is "How can you afford it?". Yes, purchasing organic and healthy items can be a little pricier (it shouldn't be), but there are ways you can do it AND fit it in your budget. So, in this post, I am going to show you how I save money shopping on Vitacost.

How I Save Money Shopping on Vitacost ~ Healthy Products

I will be totally honest with you. Yes, living a more natural, healthy, organic lifestyle is a bit more expensive, but  I believe that if I budget my money correctly and plan ahead, it's not as painful to the wallet as one would think and, Lord willing, it will benefit myself and my family ten-fold down the road when it comes to not having a lot of health care bills down the road.

It has taken me a little while to get the hang of finding deals, the right places to shop, and figuring out which are the best products to get, but now I think I have it down pretty well and would like to share some of what I've learned with you.

How To Save Money Shopping on Vitacost

First, I want you to know I am an affiliate with Vitacost and eBates, so if you click through any of my links I do receive a percentage back. This helps keep The Not So Perfect Housewife up and running, so if you click through – Thank you. 

The easiest way to share with you how I save money by shopping on Vitacost, I think, is to show you how my last order went through.

I actually placed two orders last week.

Why? Well, about five minutes after I clicked the SUBMIT ORDER for the first one, I realized that I had forgotten a few items.

That drives me crazy when that happens, but then again.. that just meant I got to order again and I would get another box delivery.. who doesn't love to get packages, right?

How I Save Money Shopping on Vitacost

Total for whole order $52.56

Free shipping because I spent over $50

10% with a special code that I was given on my last order

4% cash back deposited into my eBates account

Total saved with this order: $15.50

Not only did I save using these discounts, but I also saved by not paying the extra costs of these items found in our local stores.

Prices at the local natural market

Organic Tahini         $9.97

Numi Tea                  $7.49

Guar Gum                 $7.56

Organic Sugar (x2) $5.99

Essential Oil             $8.59

Rice Wraps               $6.59

Organic Soap(x2)    $5.50

Organic Lemon       $5.59

Total $68.77

Right there I saved over $15!!

If you're wondering if it takes longer to get the order.. not at all. I ordered the items above on Wednesday afternoon and had them on my doorstep on Friday! It was great.

Each item is packed carefully. The soaps, essential oils, and liquids always come in plastic bags and wrapped so they don't break.

Shopping online with Vitacost and eBates, for me, is also a lot less stressful than going into the stores these days. Whether it be traffic or just the busyness of the store, it's extremely nice to just sit down and order my items from the comfort of my home.

Sign Up For Ebates & Save Lots Of Money

If you don't have an eBates account, you can use this link and receive a $10 Cash Back Reward for starting your account.. and it's FREE!! Just click through eBates anytime you shop from your favorite stores and earn cash back! It's pretty awesome!

Are you an online shopper? If so, leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite stores are and where you find your deals.

Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping!

How I Save Money Shopping on Vitacost


  1. Great savings. Do you go through Ebates account to get to vita cost for savings? Just got an EBates account. Thank you, Kathi

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kathi.
    Yes, Each time you want to order through Vitacost, go to Ebates first and just type in Vitacost in the search box. Than click through their link and you should be good good to go.
    I just got a check for $27 of rebates. Not a ton of money, but it was fun to know I earned for just buying things I normally do.

    Also, I've gone to Vitacost's web page before and had a whole cart full and THAN remembered eBates. You can go back through eBates and click through and your stuff will still be in the cart so you can earn the cash back :-)

    Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  3. I love Vitacost! But don't use ebates! Going to sign up today!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Michele! Yes! Ebates it's a great deal. I just received a check for $24 - not a ton of money but a good cashback for a little bit of shopping I've done online!! It's basically free money. LOL!!

  5. If you purchase $100 or more on Vitacost and use PayPal credit you can get 6 months of deferred credit. If paid before that 6 months there's no interest. So I go to Retailmenot, then Ebates, then Vitacost and pay with Paypal credit.

  6. I use Vitacost. My husband has celiac disease and it is a wonderful place to get gluten free foods plus all the organics and supplements. They have great coupons. I also use Ebates. There are many stores to get rebates from. My next rebat is going to be $76.00. I se it whenI order yarn ,fabric, etc.

  7. Sandy,
    That's awesome!! I'm still getting into the groove of using eBates. It's fun to see the rebates rack up. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Kris -
    What awesome info there! I save up before I purchase from Vitacost, but for someone that needs to spread it out .. that's a great way to do it!! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Love that you're using Ebates! That's some great savings! I usually start a list for Vitacost a couple of days before placing the order, because there's always something that I forget. It's so easy to order through Vitacost, though, I love it!

  10. I keep a list too but still manage to forget.. lol. But just another reason to re-order :-)


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